C&A Europe

Together with C&A we've cut paper cost by 90% by digitalizing the communication between C&A HQ and all the stores. This was done during an intensive co-creation project where the end user was important from day one.

Which services we conducted

We've been part of the UI and UX team to implement all the new features. We stood by to discuss every aspect from a technical point of view. We could deliver a detailed analysis of the different processes and the amount of work.

The project was setup in an agile approach. A good time-estimation made this project a success.

Besides the analysis we also have offered technical support to build the project. We've build the back-end application, front-end application and a mobile app roled out for iOS that runs on all the ipads that are used in all stores in Europe.


The top priority was to lower paper cost. Before we made this project, all communication from the HQ was writen on paper and send to all stores in Europe. By digitalizing this process, we managed to lower the paper cost by 90%!

Therefore backend wise we've build a .NET Core project. We roled out different API's. This backend is then used by our frontend dev team.

Frontend wise we've used Angular to build the backoffice of the HQ and it's countries. With one click they can now send some tasks or alerts to all countries and their stores.

We've also build a mobile app for iOS that is writen in Vue. This is made possible by using Cordova. All C&A stores are equipped with ipads. With a sync operation they can retrieve all actions created by the HQ.