Digitalization of education

Students develop their strengths and weaknesses by using different kinds of learning material created around government issued focus-goals. GO! wants to give the students the independency to achieve the necessary skills by themselves. Together with us they've developed a platform with mobile/tablet apps so students can learn and teachers can create learning material whenever and however they want.

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We've been part of the UX and UI team to discuss every aspect from a technical point of view. This way we could deliver an in-depth analysis of the different processes and estimation of work. 
This was usefull as the whole project was setup in an agile approach. We only knew what we would create 2 sprints ahead. Therefore a good time-estimation was a necessity.

Besides the analysis we were the technical partner to build the project and choose the right stack. We've build the datascheme, back-end application and frontend application aswell. Later on the frontend application was wrapped as an hybrid mobile app that has been roled out for android and iOS.

Workshops Analysis Technical Architecture Agile Backend-end Frontend Mobile App
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One of the first requirements of this project was it should be a durable solution, high performance and scalable for couple of thousands users. But it was also important to be as lean and mean as we could.

Therefore backend wise we started in the alpha phase of .Net core and adapted to the preview builds later on. Since we were early adaptors we showed our valuable skillset in this domain. We adapted real quick and roled out API's. Front-end dev team had never a hold-up situation.

Front-end wise we've used AngularJs as we had 5 years of expertise in this framework, Angular 2 was just in beta, this would give us the advantage to still stay lean and mean as we were.

Mobile app was build in Cordova, which is a hybrid way to use javascript to build mobile applications. By this we had a mobile app real quick with the existing front-end.

C# .Net Core AngularJS Cordova SQL Server Entity Framework Core