Digitalizing the data feeds of Belgium vessels

We have build an internal data platform that connects and streamlines the data of 3 different ports and 5 external reference systems. This makes it possible to track all the moving vessels from a centralized solution.



Belgium has 3 different major ports: Port of Antwerp, Port of Zeebrugge and North Sea Port. Each port uses their own internal Port Community System to track the planning and moving of sea going vessels. Many companies within Belgium rely on an accurate location and expected arrival of a vessel to plan further internal processes. For this a central data platform was build to capture the data of all the ports and external sources in one central system so that it can be communicated through standardized API's, different web interfaces and custom-made mobile applications.

Technical architecture Data platform Microsoft based API gateway Azure cloud hosting Scalable solution Native mobile development 9 different data supliers

One platform to centralize all data

The journey started by analysing the 3 different Port Community Systems to determine a standardized format that can be used for data storage, each port had its own structure to communicate data, so common ground had to be found, the same had to be done for the 9 external reference systems that provide added data.

Receiving the data happens through different channels (API, FTP, CSV, mail, ...) so the first step in the process is to flatten the structure to a standardized format so that it can be handled by our service bus. After processing the data it is available in the database so that it can be exposed to external systems.

By having a central database with the data of all the Belgium ports it made it possible for us to develop new solutions for the European market that digitalised vessel related operations. Some of these solutions are Portcall Mobile, Qronoport, Vessel Tracking and more.

Portcall Mobile

One solution that was build on the centralized data was Portcall Mobile. With Portcall Mobile we give the possibility for every user to exactly know when his ships are expected to arrive. With the application he can choose to be real-time informed when the vessel moves and passes a point of interest so that he is always aware of a possible impact of the planning.

Portcall Mobile

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