Numble is love.

Numble is life!

We are only able to build the right solutions for our clients because our team consists of experts aiming for the best result with a fitting culture.


Creative coding

We use the latest versions of Umbraco, .NET Core and Javascript frameworks like Vue.js, React and Angular to come up with creative solutions. We are never afraid to learn new versions of frameworks if we are intrigued by the future possibilities.


Food makes the engine run

Every CPU needs electricity to run and our CPU needs food to operate. Discover our hamburger day, random Uber deliveries and O'tacos visits for that extra % of power.


A team of friends

We don't consider each other as colleagues, we consider each other as friends and together we build the right solutions for our clients. We not only foster this during our flexible working hours but also during our multiple after work activities and hackatons to show what we are really capable of!

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Creativity of the mind

We are a young team of developers and when the day is over we love to spend time with the family. But let's be honest, getting that epic headshot, grinding that last xp or getting that ultra rare drop together with colleagues finishes the day.